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The Science Tower will be part of a large energy network – the Smart Grid. About this, energy is distributed between producers, consumers and stores. Biogas, one of the energy carriers of a Smart City, is produced from waste products in the biobooster.

In the smart grid, individual energy producers, consumers and storage are combined to form an intelligent network, which enables a decentralized supply of the district. Locally generated zero-emission energy is consumed locally, thus reducing the CO₂ footprint and relieving the energies.

Not only electric power will flow in the Smart Grid of Smart City Graz. Another source of energy is biogas, obtained from organic waste products such as green cut, slaughter waste, organic waste or straw. In the bioenergy booster, a technology development by SFL, these are processed into an energy-liquid. This energy-liquid is a sterile, odorless energy carrier which can be stored as well as transported. Final it is food for the anaerobic bacteria in the biogas fermenter (fermentation: process for the conversion of biomass to biogas). The generated biogas can be combusted in a combined heat and power plant [CHP], generating both electrical energy and heat for the Smart City.

Info: the energy obtained from biomass is neutral against climate change!










SFL Bioenergy-Booster at existing 500kW Biogas-Plant in Gosdorf in Styria/AUSTRIA

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