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ELI inductive port

The Science Tower not only supplies itself with energy, but also acts as an energy transfer center for charging stations. Carsharing cars, small transports, e-taxis or e-bikes can be loaded on the forecourt around the tower. However, the energy flow is not only one-sided: By using bi-directional charging, commercial vehicles can also be used as energy storage. One such mobile energy platform is ELI from SFL technologies.

e-mobile systems can be electrically loaded on and through the Science Tower. that kind of vehicles represent mobile energy-store-systems, e.g. they can be used for cooling or keeping food warm or supports different kind of needs. The mobile universal plattform and energy supplier ELI, made by SFL has superstructures and drives for various applications.
In addition to the conventional charging sockets (conductive), it is particularly suitable for car-sharing and commercial vehicles because it is fast, uncomplicated and vandal-proof.












phase 2017
Up to five inductive / conductive charging units are installed at the Science Tower within the multimodal node. In the case of charging vehicles by means of induction, in contrast to the charging by means of power cables in the charging unit, coil magnetic fields are generated which, in turn, generate current in coils in the vehicle current.

phase 2018
The fuel cell will also be used in the future in parallel with electromobility. In addition to the electrical charging stations, hydrogen-powered vehicles are also to be used in the future.

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