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urbane farming

On the 13th floor, the roof of the Science Tower, social innovation will take place. In form of the SFL biosphere for developing urban farming of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Placing plants on the rooftops of buildings in smart cities has not just a positive effect on CO₂ emission, it will offer city population more insights and creates awareness for food production in urban areas.

In addition to the trend towards small-scale horticulture in urban agglomeration areas – urban gardening – the old idea of food production in the city is also being rediscovered. In particular, roof surfaces, mostly in the form of glasshouses, are used for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit and herbs. In addition to social projects in which joint work is the focus, commercial models are also being developed that include the cultivation, distribution and preparation of the food.

In the biosphere of the Science Tower, urban farming will be further developed and the functioning of high-tech greenhouses scientifically accompanied and optimized. The energy glass shows here its affinity to the plants in direct form – the dyes in the energy glass, which justify the primary effect of the conversion of light to el. energy show as secondary effect a light filter effect which has a positive effect on plant growth!

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