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CVG – ionic glass®

A disrupting, new glass technology “SFL ionic glass®” will be used in the façade of the Science-Tower in the clear glass area (lower part). The ionic glass® is developed by SFL for ultralight and yet highly loadable design of large-area façade glazing elements.

The designation CVG stands for “chemically pre-stressed glasses”, which is the foundation for “ionic glass” – in order to realize that glass elements, SFL has developed and launched the largest european facility for CVG technology in may 2016 at its glass technology location in St. Marein im Mürztal – SFL is able to create ionic glasses up to a size of 6m x 3.21m (the largest standard of the glass industry), by dipping standard-glass into molten salt at temperatures of up to 450 ° C – starting and maintaining the ion diffusion process for several hours – simply: small ions (sodium) of the glass migrate out of the glass into the molten salt – meanwhile larger ions (potassium) migrates in, requiring more space, hence a higher surface tension results and a higher strength is created! – for practical application, this means that thinner and therefore lighter glasses can meet the same requirements as with thick and heavy glasses.

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